Continuing our traditional Friday club meetings, those in need of help in securing housing gathered to work one by one with Marina on completion of their dossiers for submission to the court system.

As there were quite a few attendees, Georgia ran a Culinary Club session in parallel, to occupy those who were either waiting for Marina or had already completed their session with her. Today’s culinary club focused on salad recipes from foreign countries. Together we learned how to prepare:

  1. Tzadtziki (Greek)
  2. Shopska Salata (Serbian)
  3. Baba Ganoush (Arabic)
  4. Guacamole (Mexican)

We’ve been running cooking club meetings for some time now, and it’s a convenient Friday activity, as after all the hard work on documents we all very much enjoy sharing a meal together!

Avacados are not very traditional in Russia. Only Alyona even knew what they are called (because she lives at the social flat and has seen them many times before. Guacamole is also a bit spicy for the average Russian palate, so got very mixed ratings among the tasters (very good or very not good)!

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